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X-Laser & the world’s most famous Pink Floyd Tribute Band!

bf-6Brit Floyd, the world’s most famous Pink Floyd tribute band, reached out to X-Laser to help them redesign and reconfigure their laser system to allow them to safely and reliably upgrade and update their spectacle of a laser show. Now on their second round of their ‘Discovery’ 2014 world tour, X-Laser put all the necessary pieces in place from design and specification, to training and FDA variance assistance to help Brit Floyd’s re-create the intense laser effects from Pink Floyd’s PULSE Tour.

X-POD system installation @ Next Club, Suriname

10450616_754181801291051_4853382743165232282_n The creative minds over at Streamline Systems have put together a fantastic lighting & sound installation for Next Club in beautiful Suriname! They used a combination of X-Lasers and ROBE light fixtures to create stunning lighting effects atop the main dancefllor space, and really got creative with the way they installed the X-PODs for the venue. Using the X-POD in very tight spaces within the truss, Streamline was able to discretely create a static “laser net” across the entire dancefloor, giving the lighting that added dramatic effect requested by the club designers. This effect was achieved quickly, easily, and cost effecttively with the X-POD system, and can effortlessly be reconfigured to give the effect a completely different angle and perspective. Just one of the unique ways you can apply this creative, bright, cost effective lighting solution to any design specification or installation. Thanks to Streamline Systems for sharing the images!  

Defiant w/ Polaris lights up the crowd for Steve Aoki!

10479644_892707957412068_7010869023493108458_oSteve Aoki, easily one of the most recognizable names in electronic dance music today, made his way through Washington DC last week and put on a show for the local audience like no other! His performances are high-energy sets filled with heavy-duty bass infused EDM, crazy antics, blow-up rafts, and of course his signature cake tossing! However, this tour stop included another big element into his performance, and that was courtesy of X-Laser and our Polaris audience scanning laser systems! Lighting up the crowd and immersing them in laser was the so called “icing on the cake” as Aoki ignited yet another dancefloor. Above is a choice shot of the night from front of house, enjoy!

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