New video: How a laser projector works

One of the questions we get all the time at X-Laser is “How do laser projectors actually work?” so we made a short video explaining how scanning and color mixing work together to create the shapes we all love.

We go through the layout and basic components common in most modern semiconductor laser light show projectors, then talk a bit about the specific signals used to control galvanometer scanners and laser diodes while showing you exactly how a circle is made.

Laser Spirograph – QuackmasterDan –

Music – Weero & Mitte – Our Dive –

Laser Visualization with XLERATE

Visualizers are powerful tools for any lighting designer, now with our free XLERATE tool you can plug our Mercury equipped laser systems into Capture or Realizzer.

Join X-Laser product development genius Andrew Berry and our guest lighting designer, Dustin Derry of Stonewolf Studios as they give you an overview of how XLERATE works with Realizzer and Chamsys. Want a copy of this free tool? Visit: Also you can check out Dustin’s great work and upcoming live streams at:

Lasers at MAGFest

It’s #MAGFEST time! MAGFest is a music and gaming festival right in X-Laser’s backyard. It’s an incredibly fun event for anyone into gaming of all kinds. This year our friends at Nomad Event Systems are providing lasers and lighting for the main stage with the very talented Christof Krztov running the 4 Skywriter HPX M-5 lasers from Pangolin’s Beyond. Nice work team!

Lasers live is back!

Join us on Facebook live and YouTube Dec 24th at 8 eastern for our live laser yule log and on January 7th as a guest LD and our product development genius introduce you to our free XLERATE tool.

Create amazing Aurora effects with lasers and a trip to the hardware store

Smooth, ethereal, otherworldly looking aurora effects are rarely seen, but can be incredibly moving. We go a little into the history of these “Lumia” effects, how they’re made and how you can create your own with a laser and a trip to the hardware store.

Materials used in video:
Glass tubing –
Acrylic bar –
DP100 epoxy –

Slow Motion by

References and further reading:
The Wobbulator –
The Laser Galaxy projector –
Clavilux in action –

Images used:
Alanis Morissette, Livet at sunset – Photo by Roland zh
Concert of Asyl at the Boule Noire, Paris, 29 April 2009 – Photo by Adrian Tombu
Anthony Snape Concert – Photo by Christopher Snape
Ripples and sunlight pattern in the shallow part of Brofjorden at Holländaröd, Lysekil Municipality, Sweden – Photo by W. Carter
Aurora Borealis observed in Norway on 2006-10-28 – Photo by Rafal Konieczny
Aurora borealis in Abisko National Park near Torneträsk lake in Sweden – Photo by Pavel.shyshkouski
Aurora Borealis in Estonia – Photo by Kristian Pikner

Black Friday Specials


This year our dealers are offering some incredible discounts on X-Laser products and we’re offering a bonus for all buyers too!

From November 23rd-November 30th, when you buy an X-Laser projector we’ll kick in a free digital EZ variance kit and X-Laser gift card!

  • All lasers sold between November 23-30th will be entitled to a free EZ variance kit.
  • Every white label projector sold between November 23-30th will be entitled to an X-Laser gift card in varying denominations depending on model.
    • Aurora Mojito – $50
    • Aurora Crimson, Cobalt, Emerald and 4C – $100
    • Mobile Beat Mirage – $150
    • Skywriter HPX M-2 – $200

Gift cards and variance kits will be delivered digitally from X-Laser. Proof of purchase required.

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Mercury Fall 2018 Update

Fall is here and with it comes our Fall Mercury update! This is a FREE update for all Mercury users. Update includes:
-2 more basic builders for 6 total
-Streaming ACN support
-Auto Source detection
-Streamlined user interface
-Added “Simple” mode to allow you to patch the laser without a master
-General performance and reliability improvements

In all it’s a great update with lots of features that were requested by you, our users. You can download the update and fixture profiles for all major console brands at