What's new at X-Laser

Freebie Friday laser show: the hottest 90s track!

For those of you who don’t remember the 1990s, the music scene back then was one to remember. Electronic music really started to take off, so we decided to create a laser show to the hottest digital track of the decade, to help people remember some of what the 90s gave to us all. See what we came up with here! Read more »

District N9NE cranks up the lighting to 10 with X-Laser fixtures

PHILADELPHIA – Club goers and club owners know that a nightclub’s success largely depends on the atmosphere and ambiance of the club environment, and how that meshes in conjunction with the entertainment options performing at the venue. District N9NE, a mid-size club in the heart of the city of brotherly love, turned to X-Laser USA for help… Read more »

Rental revamp: laser systems for as low as $150/wk!

We just overhauled our entire rental inventory with updated pricing and product offerings. Now you can rent complete turn-key laser systems in power levels ranging from 400mW to 20W, and our audience scanning-enabled Defiant is part of the lineup, too. You can choose from our powerfully rugged Skywriter series, along with the perfect FB3 or FB4 control solution. Check out the full details here and act now for 20% OFF all rentals until the end of February! Read more »

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