2015 Spring Sale

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Download the current Sale List here and save up to 70%!

Don’t see what you want yet?

The list of available lasers will be updated 2-3 times each week as more units are completing our industry-leading quality control every day. We are even accepting pre-orders for units which will be made available soon. Contact us at sales@x-laser.com to let us know what you want, download the current list above or contact your favorite X-Laser dealer right away!


All lasers (except those sold as parts) come with:

Full X-Laser inspection and cleaning

Rating an explanation of condition

Complete FDA certification just like new

3 month bumper-to-bumper “No Hassle Warranty”

All standard accessories (packaging may vary)

Eligibility for the X-Laser EZ Variance Kit

All of the service you have come to expect from X-Laser!


Check back often as we will be updating the Sale List each week!

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