45′ tall laser crucifix designed for worship service

NRCF350384 copy.jpg copy

The creative design team at Northridge Church in Plymouth, MI reached out to X-Laser looking for a unique solution to re-create a massive crucifix light sculpture for their 2015 Easter service. The creative planning team had seen a massive cross created using intelligent lighting and wanted to find a unique way to re-create that with high powered lasers.

Justin Cox, Lighting Director at Northridge Church, goes onto say, “We wanted to figure out a way to do something similar, but more effectively, brighter, and make it our own. After almost 2 years of talking with X-Laser we nailed down using 4 Defiant 3W systems with Polaris audience scanning to create this custom effect for us and it worked just right. When the lasers powered on you could see the entire audience pull out their phones & cameras and begin recording, it was great! We plan to use these fixtures a lot more in the future for multiple shows and services, they create all the light we need for so many different applications.”

This effect was achieved using our Defiant 3W custom built systems, controlled by Pangolin’s Quickshow XL software, triggered by a Jans Vista lighting console and 2 large hazers. As you can see the effect is massive, with a size of  45′ tall x 30′ wide, creating a massive effect center stage.

Lighting Director: Justin Cox

Creative Team: Roxann Powell, Blake Powell, Paul Black, Marissa Greca

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