Educational series: Quickshow on Mac

We get asked all the time from people who are getting into custom laser shows and programming, “How can I run Pangolin software on my Mac if the programs are meant for PC?”

Quickshow XL and Beyond XL are X-Laser’s expanded versions of the popular laser control software programs by Pangolin, and both programs are indeed meant for Windows operating systems.

Fortunately, there are a couple of options you can choose to be able to run Windows-only software on your Mac, even alongside programs running in a Mac desktop, like DJ software.

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Educational series: Galvanometer scanners vs. stepper motors

Here’s our third post in our series of educational content. For the first two posts, check out our Facebook page (click here).

With laser projectors, there are two main methods of scanning a laser beam: stepper motors and galvanometer scanners. Here, we’re going to get into the basics of these systems and how they stand apart from one another.

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