Mercury Fall 2018 Update

Fall is here and with it comes our Fall Mercury update! This is a FREE update for all Mercury users. Update includes:
-2 more basic builders for 6 total
-Streaming ACN support
-Auto Source detection
-Streamlined user interface
-Added “Simple” mode to allow you to patch the laser without a master
-General performance and reliability improvements

In all it’s a great update with lots of features that were requested by you, our users. You can download the update and fixture profiles for all major console brands at

Download our FREE e-book on holiday laser displays!

With the holiday season already here and decorating in full swing, we produced an e-book detailing the best ways to integrate laser projectors into holiday lighting displays. “Fundamentals of Laser Display for Holiday Decor” includes a basic overview of lasers and how they work, along with ways to maximize your ROI on a laser system used for holiday lighting. Read more to see a preview and download the full e-book, all FREE!

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FDA Annual Reports due Sept. 1 – our FREE guide makes it easy!

High-powered laser systems produce unmatched effects and ambiance, however we know the legal compliance side of using such systems can be intimidating. With the deadline to submit FDA annual reports approaching on Sept. 1, we’ve produced a guide to make sure you get your variance renewed quickly and with certainty. Continue reading to learn more and to download the FREE guide on submitting your FDA annual report for laser light shows! Continue reading “FDA Annual Reports due Sept. 1 – our FREE guide makes it easy!”

10 helpful tips for how to maintain your laser (+video!)

Laser projectors contain advanced optical components and sensitive electronics. Taking proper care of your laser projector can help it perform better and last longer. Check out this detailed writeup (and video) including some simple steps you can take to keep your laser performing so your lighting rig keeps impressing audiences.

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Educational series: Quickshow on Mac

We get asked all the time from people who are getting into custom laser shows and programming, “How can I run Pangolin software on my Mac if the programs are meant for PC?”

Quickshow XL and Beyond XL are X-Laser’s expanded versions of the popular laser control software programs by Pangolin, and both programs are indeed meant for Windows operating systems.

Fortunately, there are a couple of options you can choose to be able to run Windows-only software on your Mac, even alongside programs running in a Mac desktop, like DJ software.

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