District N9NE cranks up the lighting to 10 with X-Laser fixtures

PHILADELPHIA – Club goers and club owners know that a nightclub’s success largely depends on the atmosphere and ambiance of the club environment, and how that meshes in conjunction with the entertainment options performing at the venue. District N9NE, a mid-size club in the heart of the city of brotherly love, turned to X-Laser USA for help…

District N9NE was hoping to bring their lighting rig to the next level, especially at a time when the club had been bringing in some next-level acts. 

Richard O., owner of District N9NE, offered insight on the decision to upgrade to a laser lighting system: “Over the past few months, we’ve had some really big artists come through our club. Acts including dance music guys like Tritonal, Cash Cash and Bear Grillz, and even hip-hop stars like Waka Flocka Flame. We wanted to make sure our lighting rig was bold enough to match the vibe that comes with a bigger headliner, so we reached out to X-Laser.”

X-Laser worked on a custom-specified system for District N9NE, which included two Mobile Beat Mirage systems and four Aurora 4C projectors. Based on the layout and capacity of the club, that hardware provided 18 total laser apertures and plenty of laser power for the 1,000-person venue. Now, the lighting rig at District N9NE is just as worthy of discussion as the acts who perform onstage.



“District N9NE as a space was really pretty ideal for laser, allowing us to use a larger number of smaller fixtures to provide big effects across the entire space, all at a great value,” Adam Raugh, president of X-Laser, said. “By positioning the Mobile Beat Mirages by the stage and Aurora 4C units throughout the space, no matter where you look in the club, there’s laser overhead.”

With its brand growing and a well-balanced slate of future performers, District N9NE looks to keep Philadelphia club goers entertained – now with a touch of laser to help keep them coming back for more.

Project summary:
Venue: District N9NE, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Venue type: Midsize nightclub
Gear: Two (2) Mobile Beat Mirage projectors (400mW RGB, ILDA), Four (4) Aurora 4C projectors (280mW quad-aperture), Quickshow XL control software

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