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With the holiday season already here and decorating in full swing, we produced an e-book detailing the best ways to integrate laser projectors into holiday lighting displays. “Fundamentals of Laser Display for Holiday Decor” includes a basic overview of lasers and how they work, along with ways to maximize your ROI on a laser system used for holiday lighting. Read more to see a preview and download the full e-book, all FREE!

“Fundamentals of Laser Display for Holiday Decor”

Our 25-page e-book includes all the information you need to create a stunning outdoor holiday light show using laser, whether you’re starting from scratch or you already have experience using high-powered lasers. Even if you already have your holiday decorations set, the first half of the e-book provides an in-depth overview of why laser projection is unique and how laser projectors work. We hope you’ll check it out!

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