Do I need a laser light show variance and how can I get one?

Yes. Ninety-five percent of our clients (rentals included) will need a variance regardless of what “your buddy” told you. We rigorously follow U.S. law for our protection and yours. If you think you don’t need a variance, please contact us and we will happily render an impartial opinion, because there are a small number of circumstances where a variance is actually unnecessary, and we are happy to rent to you without an FDA variance in that case.

For those who need a variance, we have made getting one super easy. First-time renters with us will have the option of purchasing an EZ Variance Kit access code. You can then go onto our Web site, fill out the Web form, digitally sign the documents, and then we take care of the rest for you. Our EZ Variance process is easy, safe and totally secure.