How do I clean my laser’s fan filter?

Keeping the inside of your laser unit cool is critical to its performance and the life of its diodes, so clean, cool air must be able to flow into the housing. Not all X-Laser projectors have removable fan filters, so this applies to XA and X-Series models including: Mobile Beat, Caliente, Aurora, X2, X-Beam, Sapphire and X4C/X4G.

A simple way to improve the quality of the air flowing into your laser is by keeping its fan filter clean.

  • 1) Remove the fan filter (pliers are helpful but not always required depending on the laser model).
  • 2) Gently wash the filter in cool water and let it dry completely before reinstalling.
  • 3) Simply place the filter back into the fan housing and clip the fan filter cover in place to make sure it fits snugly.

With regular cleanings, your laser’s fan filter should last as long as the laser itself, and regular filter cleanings will help your laser function properly and efficiently for longer. If you need a replacement fan filter, we’ll happily send you a new one for free.