How do I connect my laser to a PC via ILDA?

To run Pangolin laser software (Quickshow or Beyond) with your laser, you need to connect the laser to your computer. For Pangolin software, the first step is to connect the USB dongle/DAC to your computer and set up the dongle/DAC in the software. Next, you need to connect the ILDA cable to the dongle/DAC and then to your laser. Once you connect the PC to the Pangolin dongle and the Pangolin dongle to the ILDA cable, you can connect the ILDA cable to your laser.

If you try to plug in an ILDA cable into your laser without the connection pins aligned correctly (like upside-down) and apply too much force, it can cause the ILDA board to break, resulting in a malfunction. Replacing a laser’s ILDA board is a costly repair. Here’s how to properly and securely attach an ILDA cable in a matter of seconds:

  • 1) Make sure the pins are aligned on both the cable and the projector.
  • 2) Gently push the ILDA cable into place and secure the connection by tightening the screws. Make sure not to over-tighten the screws.