How should I ship or handle my laser projector?

Lasers contain sensitive optical and electronic components that can easily be damaged or misaligned if the laser unit is handled incorrectly. A common problem that comes from mishandling a laser is that the internal optics will shift slightly, causing the laser’s projections and colors to come out of alignment. In some cases, this will require the laser to be sent to us for repair.

  • When packing your laser to take it to a show, remember to make sure the laser is snugly packed in its box with the proper packing materials.
  • When setting a laser in the car, for example, place it gently into a spot that will not experience too much motion or impact during the trip.
  • Generally, a good rule is to handle a laser like you would a laptop or any other fragile electronic equipment, even if it is in a heavy-duty case. Many lasers made today have rugged optical hardware, but dropping or tossing a laser while it is in its box or road case can misalign or damage its internals.