If I want a laser with different specs than I see on your site, can you make it for me?

Beyond our normal stock offerings, X-Laser routinely builds fully customized laser systems to serve a variety of functions. At any given time we are also engaged in developing a half dozen specialized projects in a variety of industries, from industrial signaling to digital signage, and of course entertainment.

Presently, we have made a decision not to offer systems with a power higher than 5,000mW (5 watts) simply because we want to focus on medium power applications. Loads of folks make hulking behemoths of laser power, and we would be glad to refer you to one of them if you need something with a lot of juice. However, be sure to check out our offerings first because, as you can read in the Technical FAQ, “power” is not a particularly good predictor of brightness. Our systems routinely out-perform competitor’s projectors spec’d at three times the power – or even more.