Is training included?

It depends on what kind of training you want.

Here’s the quick rundown: Yes, each rental comes complete with setup videos, a digital user manual, and a quick setup guide. That should be enough guidance to get most people operating the laser reasonably safely.

If you would like in-depth help configuring ILDA laser control software (Quickshow XL), etc., you are welcome to purchase a Concierge Setup package. With Concierge Setup, one of our laser technicians will walk you through setting up your laser system over an internet connection or by telephone. The Concierge Setup package is optional and available for an additional fee.

However, we cannot fully train users how to properly and safely use laser systems solely via a remote connection. It comes down to the fact that (in 95 percent of cases) we can’t physically be there to see the performance space adequately, and even video chatting does not provide sufficient detail. Therefore, we are unable to make safety or show content-related determinations without being able to be there in the venue. In other words, we can’t train you how to build a show or make special laser animations, but we are happy to help you get up and running with your laser(s) through our Concierge Setup package. Please see the “What do I do if I need technical support?” FAQ entry for technical support information.