What kind of environments are best (and safest) for laser?

What’s in the air where you operate your laser is also important, especially for lasers without sealed housings. Any dust, sand, grease, smoke, confetti or similar materials can get inside your laser and cause the scanner mirrors to get dirty or cause general damage to the electronics inside.

  • Laser effects always look best with plenty of fog and haze in the atmosphere, but be careful as to not shoot fog or haze directly toward a laser, as it can get inside the laser housing and cause scanner mirrors to get dirty. Oil-based haze can cause a problem as well, as its residue can build up inside the laser on its electrical components and scanner mirrors.
  • Temperature is a key factor in where to rig and operate your laser. When installing a laser as a permanent or semi-permanent fixture, keep in mind that the upper part of a room near the ceiling is usually much warmer than a dance floor or guest area, so make sure that lasers mounted near the venue’s ceiling are properly cooled with clean air.
  • Operating the laser in very hot (above 85 degrees Fahrenheit) or cold (below 50 degrees Fahrenheit) environments will have a large effect on the life of a laser’s diodes as well.