What quality assurance process do you use?

X-Laser’s QA process is second to none. Period. Regardless of whether FDA rules apply to you, knowing that you are buying a laser that is certified to exceed the world’s most stringent standards of quality and safety has to count for a lot.

Each laser is built, burned in, serialized, and then run through almost 30 quality checks which causes a technician to physically test every aspect of each unit’s performance and then put their name on the results. Off to a shelf it goes, and once ordered – we do it all over again. This time with a different technician who checks the other tech’s work. 10% of our units are then triple checked in the exact same process by one of our managers just before it is shipped.

The results of each round of tests are stored in a custom database application where we track the laser through its’ entire life including any future service, part replacements, etc. Even with all of that, many orders ship same day and units returned for repair are usually ready to head back out to work in just a couple of days.

THAT is Quality Assurance and of course we stand behind everything that leaves our doors, 100%.