Who is “X-Laser?”

X-Laser LLC is a U.S.A. based, and FDA varianced, non-ionizing radiation system developer and integrator. That is a fancy way of saying that we develop and manufacture some of the best, most innovative, and affordable entertainment, architectural, and industrial laser projectors in the world. We work with dozens of firms spread across the globe which specialize in a wide array of disciplines, from optics and diodes, to millwork and circuit boards.

We take the best solutions and technology we can find, along with the technologies we invent ourselves, and combine them into both stock and custom built laser products which deliver the best performance/cost and ROI ratios in the world. We are also a family company which stands behind every unit we make and strives to provide the most responsive customer service in the industry.

All of these factors, along with unique United States FDA compliance procedures, have come together to make us, by far, the most popular high powered entertainment laser manufacturer in North America. Delivering more new high powered laser systems than all of our other competitors combined. Having added industrial laser offerings to our product portfolio and extensive R&D capabilities, X-Laser stands alone ready to make pretty much whatever you can dream up.