“Project Mercury” unveiled – Experience it at LDI!

Deep inside an office building on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., mysteries years in the making are beginning to come to light. Newly released documents show that there’s no conspiracy about it – Project Mercury is going to change the course of laser history.

“Project Mercury” – 18 months in the making
Deep in a laboratory on the outskirts of Washington D.C., the X-Laser team has been working on “Project Mercury,” and its result will debut in person at LDI 2017 at the X-Laser USA booth #2285.

The backstory of “Project Mercury”
In 2015, we surveyed many of our clients about what they wanted the future of laser projection to look like. Hundreds of great ideas followed, but the common core concept behind many of them was that it’s difficult to integrate lasers into any lighting rig due to their unique control requirements. With this in mind, we began working to solve that challenge.

Mercury: Laser control for lighting people.
Mercury is X-Laser’s laser projector control system, built completely from the ground up for direct lighting console control. Featuring DMX+RDM, Art-Net, and in the future Streaming ACN (E1.31/E1.33), Mercury can be used from the lighting console just like any top-brand moving light. With Mercury, laser fixtures can be discovered, profiled, configured, and programmed directly from the lighting console. Mercury is the solution for large laser arrays in a production workflow. The design tools that are already built into professional lighting consoles cooperate with Mercury to allow designers to create looks and effects in minutes, which would take hours to program using conventional laser light show software.

But that’s only the start.

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