X-Laser: Inspiration Project video series is ONLINE NOW!

We’re excited to announce and release our brand new video series, focused on the many different ways you can utilize high-performance laser effects.

In this series we will focus on not only new products, but also application guides and outside the box ways of thinking about Entertainment Lasers. Make sure to visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel for the full Inspiration Project video series & more!!

View the entire series here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Xlasers

LDI @ X-Laser LDI 2013

Grab this free pass to LDI 2013 (http://www.ldishow.com) and be sure to visit X-Laser® in booth 1863 for Polaris, Defiant & Skywriter Demos!

X-Laser install at the legendary Beacham Theatre

Our good friends over at Empire Sound & Lighting recently installed six Mobile Beat RGB MK5’s in the iconic downtown Orlando live music venue, Beacham Theatre. Pushing the boundaries of what the Mobile Beat RGB can really do, this image truly showcases the raw power of this ultra-compact 450mW projector and how effective it can be a live setting. Special thanks to Franz Mahar for the incredible capture of these X-Lasers in action.



Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is this Saturday! It’s a day to celebrate and support the small businesses that boost the economy. The vast majority of our dealers and users are small businesses. Show your support for them by shopping small.

Open for business and Happy Halloween

The X-Laser Spider spins a solder web off one of our ladders

We’re glad to say we’ve cleaned up the minor flooding and we have power again so we are open for business. As we’ve been away from the office for a few days, a few spiders have had the chance to make themselves at home, so we’ll let them wish you a Happy Halloween from X-laser!

Web Video: X-Laser @ DJ Expo 2012

X-Laser represents at the 2012 DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ, showing off their new products and our favourite beats of the convention!

Check out the featured Caliente RGB, Caliente 300, Sapphire X2, and X4G laser systems right here!

Special thanks to American DJ, IDJ Now, Smithson Martin, Open Air Photobooth, 4Wall Entertainment, Colorado Sound n’ Light, and the American Disc Jockey Association for working with us!  We love you guys!