Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is this Saturday! It’s a day to celebrate and support the small businesses that boost the economy. The vast majority of our dealers and users are small businesses. Show your support for them by shopping small.

Open for business and Happy Halloween

The X-Laser Spider spins a solder web off one of our ladders

We’re glad to say we’ve cleaned up the minor flooding and we have power again so we are open for business. As we’ve been away from the office for a few days, a few spiders have had the chance to make themselves at home, so we’ll let them wish you a Happy Halloween from X-laser!

Web Video: X-Laser @ DJ Expo 2012

X-Laser represents at the 2012 DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ, showing off their new products and our favourite beats of the convention!

Check out the featured Caliente RGB, Caliente 300, Sapphire X2, and X4G laser systems right here!

Special thanks to American DJ, IDJ Now, Smithson Martin, Open Air Photobooth, 4Wall Entertainment, Colorado Sound n’ Light, and the American Disc Jockey Association for working with us!  We love you guys!


X-Laser Unveils Four New X-Series Lasers

Just in time for DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ, X-Laser today lifted the veil on four new long anticipated products in the X-Series line of high powered aerial laser systems. While numerous other product lines were updated last year, the X-Series had not seen a major update since 2010 and so X-Laser felt that it was time to renew our commitment to the mobile entertainment and club industry. Continue reading “X-Laser Unveils Four New X-Series Lasers”

DJ EXPO 2012!

Come and see X-Laser at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ hosted by IDJNOW! We will unveil four new models including new blue, multi-laser, and full color DJ models from our booth which is, as always, right at the back of the show floor so we have that nice long projection. Don’t worry –  you won’t be able to miss us. Check out our new X4G, Sapphire X2, and two new Caliente’s, live right now with demo videos on!

The Utah Jazz Chooses X-Laser

When the lights go out in the Energy Solutions Arena, home of Utah’s NBA team the Utah Jazz, the crowd expects something spectacular. The home opener for the Jazz has become a show as much as it is an event, where the starting lineup gets introduced, the crowd gets psyched up, and the new season launches. Each year, the Jazz set up a display featuring spectacular indoor fireworks, intelligent lighting, and a floor show. This year, the Jazz wanted something even more special. Through their partnership with Oasis Stage Werks, which provides the Jazz with equipment and consulting services, the team decided to bring in a a laser show.

So on Friday night, December 30th, the lights went out as usual, and the crowd awaited something spectacular. Continue reading “The Utah Jazz Chooses X-Laser”

The Office – Movin’ On Up

The past few years have been great to X-Laser. Business has been steady, and we’ve enjoyed the progress we’ve made. Yet, just like any business, with growth comes changes. Come June 1st, we are making the biggest change yet: X-Laser is going to be moving it’s entire operation to a new facility.

Currently, our Main Street USA offices are waist high with laser technology and new orders. It’s been a great run here at the shop, but when everyone is sharing their offices with piles of parts, more space begins to become essential.

We’ll be keeping our roots here in Laurel, MD. In fact, our new location will only be about a mile or two down the road. Continue reading “The Office – Movin’ On Up”

X-Laser’s New Hyper-Blog Website

If you’ve ever visited our old site before, you could probably tell within about one click that it needed a serious update. With its choppy and ‘digital catalog’ style, the old site tried to be helpful but ended up being a cluster of disorienting information. Stepping into a new year, we’ve gone ahead and given ourselves an entirely new look.

You’ll first notice that it is a much smoother looking page. With dropdown menus easily selectable at the top of the Home Page, you’ll find that they will take you to our most important pages, such as “Products” or “Service and Support.” Also on this site, you’ll find that you can be redirected to our social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, which have also been revamped to go along well with the new site.
Continue reading “X-Laser’s New Hyper-Blog Website”