Product Selector: Caliente Aurora

Thanks for taking the time to use our product selector tool! This program thinks that the Caliente Aurora might be the best fit for you when it comes to a laser projector.

The Caliente Aurora is a low cost projector that is ideal for mobile DJs or small clubs that want laser but don’t want to spend all their time on programming for specific looks or spend all their lighting budget on a laser fixture.  All of our Aurora series lasers scan only on the X axis, so you get the awesome laser effects you want like liquid sky, hot beams and such without having to worry about the projector going into your crowd, keeping operation simple and safe.

In small spaces a single Caliente Aurora can shine on it’s own, but may have some trouble competing with high intensity lighting like LED video walls. In mid sized spaces the low price point of the Caliente Aurora lets you build a web of lasers that makes the whole space feel epic. Lots of our dealers do specific “Club pack” discounts on the Aurora lasers too, saving you even more on a larger rig.

The Caliente Aurora is an RGB TTL fixture. This means the RGB diodes are always either fully on or fully off, allowing you to have a range of 7 colors; Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta and White. The TTL color system is great for getting the most brightness out of a fairly low powered laser, but is not ideal if you’re trying to have smooth color changes and fades. The scanner system is similarly limited. The open loop high speed stepper scanners are good for getting very wide angles in shorter spaces, but are not great at slow and smooth movements like a set of galvanometer scanners would be.

The Caliente Aurora is the right tool for a lot of our clients and can be found in nightclubs all across the US. For clients that don’t need an RGB color system, you might want to consider the Aurora 4 series lasers. 4 apertures give wider coverage and make the laser show feel bigger in small spaces.  For clients looking for smoother liquid skies and a wider color palette, we’d recommend considering the Mobile Beat Mirage.

The typical street price of the Caliente Aurora is $849 and they are in stock at a number of our dealers. Talk to your favorite pro audio and lighting dealer and see if they carry X-Laser. If not, check out our dealer locator to see who in your area has one or check out the blue icons to see our online dealers.