Aurora Quad Series

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X-Laser’s quad-aperture Aurora lasers can captivate audiences in an entirely new way. Our Aurora 4C, and our Crimson, Cobalt and Emerald models create intense liquid sky and aerial effects while providing a safer, brighter and more cost-effective laser experience for users of any skill level. By removing the Y-Axis and only scanning horizontally, Aurora Quad Series users can create stunning, vividly bright, room-filling aerial effects more easily and affordably than ever.

  • Aurora 4C (green, red, blue, magenta ~350mW)
  • Aurora Crimson (quad red 800mW)
  • Aurora Emerald (quad green 280mW)
  • Aurora Cobalt (quad blue 1200mW)

    Easy liquid sky effects
    Aurora Quad Series lasers project on a fixed, ultra-wide horizontal axis, which means brighter effects, an easier setup and safer shows.

    Colors to amplify your events
    Whether you choose red (Crimson), blue (Cobalt), green (Emerald) or a combination (4C), you’ll bring unique atmosphere to any event.

    Great for beginners and pros alike
    Trigger effects using full-auto or sound active modes via DMX, or show off your creativity with a custom-programmed DMX show.

    Aurora Quad Series specs sheet (click for PDF)

  • Quad-aperture design for maximum beam pattern and liquid sky room coverage
  • Completely re-engineered, Aurora-optimized patterns for the highest possible brightness and endless variations
  • More power and more brightness than any Aurora models before them
  • Deep DMX control allows for creative effect design, while maintaining affordability and simplicity
  • Engineered to be the simplest and safest way to produce liquid sky effects
  • Eligible for the EZ Variance Kit and meets all United States safety and quality standards
  • Extremely wide sweep effects can blanket an entire venue and look especially intense w/ multiple units
  • Control modes: 9-channel DMX, Auto and Sound Active via DMX
  • Safe for temporary outdoor events as Aurora lasers cannot accidentally scan up into the sky, when rigged securely.
  • Class 3B High-Powered Laser; Variance required. EZ Variance Kit available separately.