Defiant Series

Incorporating feedback from production partners who have toured with Defiant & Polaris across North America, South America, the UK and Europe, the third-generation Defiant has been completely redesigned and made more than 50 percent smaller to be able to travel anywhere with ease. Packed with the highest-quality components all designed to unlock your creative freedom, Defiant lasers stand a cut above while offering impressive value.


Completely Customizable

Each Defiant is custom-built to specification and available up to 25W of power. Safe, legal Polaris Crowd Scanning Technology, IP65, 60K graphic scanners & more are available with the new Defiant.

GraphiX Scanning System

Our GraphiX laser scanning system, developed in partnership with Pangolin Laser Systems, utilizes their new 506 scanners and custom-designed electronics to unlock new design possibilities.

Safer, brighter, legal laser shows

In laser, the quality of the optics largely determines how much laser actually comes out and what it looks like when it does. The high-quality optics in Defiant maximize emissions for brighter, safer laser shows.


  • Fully customizable to specification up to 25W
  • LASORB ESD protected all-diode construction
  • Pangolin FB3 and FB4 compatible
  • Polaris audience scanning (PASS) upgradable
  • Proprietary GraphiX Scanning System
  • 50kHz analog color modulation
  • Guaranteed optical power levels (wattage)
  • IP65-rated sealed optical deck optional
  • PowerCON in/out powers up to 10 units
  • Field service access port for alignments
  • Gas-piston assisted service access hood
  • Reversible hanging brackets
  • Unique “centrifugal” fan cooling system
  • Buffered ILDA in/out with 1000ft max cable range
  • Fully weatherized options available
  • Custom-built by hand, made to order in the USA
  • EZ Variance and EZ Audience Scanning Variance Kit ready
  • X-Laser no-hassle warranty (2 years of hardware, 1 year on diodes)


Custom-built, 3W to 25W models available

American Disc Jockey AssociationCanadian Disc Jockey AssociationU.S. Food and Drug AdministrationInternational Association of Amusement Parks and AttractionsInternational Laser Display AssociationNAMMSPIE