Laser control for lighting people.
Mercury is X-Laser’s laser projector control system, built completely from the ground up for direct lighting console control. Featuring DMX+RDM, Art-Net, and in the future Streaming ACN (E1.31/E1.33) protocol, Mercury can be used from the lighting console just like any top-brand moving light. With Mercury, laser fixtures can be discovered, profiled, configured, and programmed directly from the lighting console. The design tools that are already built into professional lighting consoles cooperate with Mercury to allow designers to create looks and effects in minutes, which would take hours to program using conventional laser light show software.


Production workflow focus

Mercury is the solution for large laser arrays working in conjunction with traditional moving-head fixtures – all controlled from the same console.

Fast. Simple. Reliable.

Designers and programmers can quickly and reliably use Mercury, without worrying about special cables or a separate control station.

Laser control for LDs.

Mercury will be compatible with all the major lighting consoles. We’re bringing lasers to lighting pros, not the other way around.



  • Connect and control using DMX, RDM, Art-Net and sACN* (*Q2 2018)
  • Fully integrated control system, no external dongle/box required
  • Profiles available in early 2018 for grandMA, Avolites, High End, Jands Vista, Chamsys, etc.
  • Four fully independent pattern builders per fixture
  • 80 DMX channels for single-pattern control, 300+ channels for multi-pattern control


Skywriter HPX M-5

Skywriter HPX M-10

Skywriter HPX M-20

Skywriter HPX M-30

Skywriter HPX M-50

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