Mobile Beat MK 5

X-Laser’s 5th generation Mobile Beat, the world’s only animation laser system made specifically for DJ’s and the hospitality industry! Combining more than 100 actually useful graphic and aerial patterns built right in with custom graphics capabilities, the Mobile Beat platform has been our best selling animation laser for the DJ, nightclub and bar markets and beyond.


2013 Pattern Set

All Mobile Beat MK5 models will feature an all new pattern set adding animated text, new content for holidays and occasions commonly used by DJ’s and venues and of course updating dated content for the next four years!

Industry First: X-Laser’s G1 Laser Engine

Using the same power output as the last generation, the G1 module combines high-spectral laser sources internally through a sealed optical train and emits beams up to twice as bright as the last generation and a 100% white balance!

Sweep-Scan: Wide-Angle Scanning System

Breaking away from the conventional “8 Degree” system Sweep Scan assumes that you need to cover wide area over a dance floor or along a big wall and delivers speed boosts approaching traditional ILDA graphics speeds for when you need to GO WIDE! Check out the HUGE difference in our pictures!


  • Multi-Color: Choose virtually any combination of 7 colors for stunning, and stunningly affordable, color animation laser shows!
  • Sweep Scan Scanning System: The Mobile Beat platform’s new scanning system extends full animation scanning speeds over the whole zoom range of the Mobile Beat to keep wide, dance floor covering projections more fluid and greatly expanding the graphics capabilities of the Mk4 generation
  • Loads Of Built-In Patterns: Mobile Beats come stock with more than 100 patterns accessible through sound active, auto and DMX modes. Aerial laser effects like liquid skies and animations are all ready to go right out of the box.
  • Easy Control: Choose from Sound Active, Auto, 12 Channel DMX Control, or ILDA to create awesome custom laser shows.
  • Expensive (Looking) Beams: Mobile Beat series lasers feature very nicely crafted tight beams, often found in much more expensive laser systems. Tight beams travel further and appear much brighter at longer distances such as the far corners of a nightclub or large hall.


5th Generation Mobile Beat Series

Green: MK5 50mW

RGB: 450mW Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta & White

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