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  • Mobile Mount: Our quick, portable and efficient mounting solution. Quickly and easily attach the Mobile Mount to any standard 1.5″/40mm mounting hub with absolutely no trussing required, just standard O or C clamps.
  • X-Laser ILDA Cable: High-quality shielded and X-Laser branded ILDA cable made specifically for connecting ILDA-compatible laser hardware and control systems. Available in 10′, 25′, 50′ and 100′ lengths, and guaranteed to be interference-free up to 300′.
  • X-Laser E-Stop: A standalone solution for easy, safe and compliant laser shutoff. Configured for EtherCON connectivity, however can be modified for other wiring. Includes key.


Complete your setup

Make the most of your investment in an X-Laser system by complementing it with official and industry-trusted X-Laser accessories. We use these products in our own laser rigs, and they’ve been part of professional laser shows around the world.

Mobile Mount: Versatile strength

Our Mobile Mount can hold a combined weight of up to 60lbs, with enough space to hold various fixtures. It can hold up to two Mobile Beat or Caliente fixtures, or can hold one larger X-Laser unit such as the Skywriter, Defiant, X-Beam or Aurora Quad systems.

X-Laser ILDA Cable

For any ILDA-connected laser system, X-Laser ILDA cable is the professional-grade choice for connecting multiple units or control consoles. ILDA cable is engineered with pin sets specifically for lasers, not to be confused with printer-style DB25 connectors.


Mobile Mount:

  • Attaches to any standard tripod or speaker stand with 1.5″ or 40mm mounting point/hub
  • Large enough to accommodate one large or two small X-Laser products
  • Mount fixtures with standard O or C clamps
  • Absolutely no trussing required for mounting
  • Powder-coated black aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Accommodates multiple hardware configurations
  • Dimensions: 23.5L x 4.5W x 18H, 5lbs.

X-Laser ILDA Cable:

  • Heavy-duty gauge wire in 10′, 25′, 50′ and 100′ lengths
  • Sleek black finish with subtle X-Laser branding
  • Guaranteed interference-free up to 300′

X-Laser E-Stop:

  • Instantly and easily disables all laser output, with key-enabled reset
  • Provides an affordable solution to remote shutoff compliance
  • Compatible with multiple wiring and hardware configurations


X-Laser accessories lineup:

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