X-Laser X-Beam units have long been the top choice of performers, designers and installers for high-brightness, room-filling aerial laser effects at an affordable price. The X-Beam 2500 and 5000 use superior optics and high-spectral laser sources to deliver a brightness greater than laser systems rated at double the power. Create dramatic, stunning, bright aerial beam effects quickly and easily via ILDA or DMX control. With auto mode, sound active mode and more than 100 built-in effects, the X-Beam is perfect for fixed installations, light touring, and multiple other uses where big, bold aerial effects are needed at an accessible price.


X-Beam: The aerial beam powerhouse

The X-Beam delivers high-powered, room-filling, RGB aerial laser effects, adding fresh elements to any lighting installation, venue or mobile DJ rig.

Roadworthy, rugged field-serviceable optics

Easy access and reliability are essential on tour and for fixed installs. The X-Beam makes field service simple with easily adjustable optics mounts.

Create ultra-thick, high-visibility beams via ILDA & DMX & more

The X-Beam has the ability to recall hundreds of patterns via DMX, and also allows for fully customized control using ILDA connectivity.


  • 2.5W (2500) or 5W (5000) of brightness
  • 15K High-speed aerial beam scanners
  • Full-color RGB aerial beam effects
  • Ultra-thick, high-visibility beams
  • Manual X/Y Zoom Control
  • Total Control via DMX and ILDA
  • No external power supply required
  • Field-serviceable optical alignment
  • Adjustable Sound Active and Auto Modes
  • X-Laser No-Hassle Warranty
  • 26-point quality control inspection before shipping
  • Our EZ Variance Kit helps you acquire your FDA variance quickly and easily
  • Includes detailed user information, Beam blocks, and the X-Laser User DVD


X-Beam 2500

X-Beam 5000

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