From the innovative minds at X-Laser comes the new, patent-pending, X-POD Laser Show System. The X-POD Laser Show System takes a beautiful new approach to creating massive “Star Wars” or “laser net” effects that are popular in live performances and attractions. Powerful, endlessly flexible and infinitely scalable, a single X-POD system can project beams across a 160,000-square foot area using projectors no larger than a smartphone. X-POD systems can be easily incorporated into television, film and theatre sets, nightclubs, concerts, attractions and more.



Three times brighter

X-POD heads use a special optical design which forces the maximum amount of power into the beam to create thick, dramatic beams that travel huge distances.

Mix and match color

Choose from green, blue or red PODS, mixing and matching to create your perfect color scheme! Need a special POD with a burst or a linear effect? Just give us a call.

Infinite scale by design

PODS can run up to 200 feet from the router, so you can have laser originating from any direction across a 160,000-square foot area!


  • Super versatile: POD heads have almost the same footprint as a smartphone, allowing them to be hidden in trussing, scenery or even costumes.
  • PODS Create “Triple-Thick” Beams: X-POD heads use a special optical train to create high-intensity, highly visible thick laser beams to maximize their effect over a large area.
  • No bounce mirrors required: Though it is easy to bounce X-POD beams in most cases, the flexibility of putting a laser head anywhere within about 200 feet of the router virtually eliminates the need to rig, focus, and refocus bounce mirrors.
  • Total control: The X-POD Router features virtually every kind of laser effect control, including sound active, auto, master/slave, DMX, and even serial control.
  • Advanced Head Select (AHS) Mode: AHS mode allows you to choose to activate any head or heads, in any combination, at any time via DMX for specific effects or pixel mapping.


X-POD Router (Control up to eight PODS in any color)

POD Heads available in:

50mW Green

200mW Red

150mW Sapphire Blue

300mW Sapphire Blue

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