X-Laser Product & Application Guide

Ready to make the jump into high-powered lasers? Have an install or tour coming up and you’re looking to add X-Laser systems for lighting effects? Below is a primer to help you get started on which X-Laser product will be the best fit for your current and long-term laser system needs.

If you are new to lasers, check out our General FAQ (link) or our Variance Primer (link) to get a jump start learning the basics about the technology and local laws governing the use of high powered lasers in the United States.

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DMX-controllable, aerial laser systems:

Aurora Quad Series: Available in 4 versions, the quad-aperture Aurora projectors are a great laser solution for high-energy, high-impact, room-filling effects. The Crimson, Cobalt and Emerald offer four apertures of pure red, blue and green, respectively, while the Aurora 4C has static apertures of green, red, blue and magenta. The quad-aperture Aurora models were engineered to be reliable, safe and stunning “liquid sky” machines with horizontal-only scanning. The Aurora models can only scan on the flat (horizontal) X-axis, which makes them brighter, safer, easier to use and more affordable. Aurora lasers create stunning aerial patterns via deep DMX controls, auto and sound active modes to help fill any space. While they will not render text or graphics, if you need powerful aerial beam effects for a dance club or similar venue, Aurora lasers are both very affordable and highly reliable. They are a great complement to mobile DJ rigs or as centerpieces in small bars, clubs and installs.


Caliente Aurora: The X-Laser Caliente Aurora answers the call for affordable, high-powered, RGB aerial laser systems. As part of the horizontal-only Aurora series, there is no Y-axis, making its effects safer and brighter. The Caliente Aurora boasts the maximum power possible in FDA laser Class 3B and features massive, full-color laser power to cover even the largest spaces. Red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, magenta and white laser beams combine with more than 100 built-in laser patterns, and the Caliente Aurora gives you full control via DMX to create stunning laser shows.


Aurora Mojito: The the simplest and most affordable way to add vibrant and unique laser effects to any lighting rig, all for less than $500 (from X-Laser dealers). With its value and specialized mint green color, the Aurora Mojito stands apart from all other entry-level laser systems. As a part of the Aurora series, the Aurora Mojito only scans horizontally, making it safe, bright and super easy to use.


High-powered ILDA-controllable, graphic & animation laser systems:

Mobile Beat Mirage: The Mobile Beat Mirage is ultra versatile, as the latest advancement in X-Laser’s most popular line, the entry-level Mobile Beat laser system. Use it to wow audiences with vivid beam shows featuring superior color mixing, or impress clients by projecting precise animations, custom text and logos. The Mirage boasts a new, compact housing and new hardware throughout, including 30K graphics scanners and a sealed optical deck. This Mobile Beat Mirage has been engineered to be smoother and more durable than ever, and has significantly better color and graphics tech than any Mobile Beat before it. The Mirage has the power (400mW) for venues of up to 500 guests, and you can easily daisy chain it via PowerCON/ILDA/DMX inputs and outputs to create vibrant shows for larger setups.


Mobile Beat MAX MK2: The Mobile Beat MAX MK2 is designed as a great all-around entry-level animation laser system. You can use it to create your own simple custom laser graphics, text and logos with a few simple clicks of your mouse using the Mobile Beat MAX MK2 and Pangolin Quickshow XL software. Like all animation and graphics lasers, the Mobile Beat MAX MK2 will also render stunning aerial effects, like vibrant liquid skies and bold “hot beams.” Pre-set functions are controllable via DMX, auto and sound active modes, however, you can unlock the MAX MK2’s true potential by combining the laser with Quickshow XL software. Mobile Beat MAX MK2 units have 1W of brightness and are ideal for Mobile DJ use, small bars and nightclubs.


Mobile Beat Mercury:  The Mobile Beat Mercury is the addition of our Mercury laser control system to our most popular model, the Mobile Beat. It’s ideal for users who are just getting started with lasers and users who want to create vivid laser shows without the need for separate software. The Mobile Beat Mercury is perfect for mobile DJs and entertainers who want to set up a crowd-wowing laser show that integrates seamlessly into their current lighting control setup.

Skywriter HPX: With 2W of raw power and a sealed housing barely larger than a tablet, the Skywriter HPX packs a huge punch and is great for light touring, rentals and installations. The Skywriter HPX is our laser “multitool” that can seamlessly transition from creating high-impact aerial effects to projecting sharp and crisp graphics and animations. This fixture features stellar full-color, analog color mixing to produce over 1,000 shades of vibrant laser color. You can also link the HPX to other units via its DMX, ILDA and PowerCON inputs and outputs. With high-efficiency 30K graphics scanners, the HPX projector is ideal for digital signage, corporate logo displays, custom graphics and animations.


Skywriter HPX M-2: The Skywriter HPX M-2 is the most affordable way to access X-Laser’s Mercury laser control system in a fixture that is truly road ready. The Skywriter HPX M-2 is ideal for small and medium-sized productions where vibrant laser effects can stand out on their own, or be used to complement other effect lighting. Lighting professionals can easily integrate the M-2 into their lighting rigs, and control it in unison with the rest of their lighting, from just about any major console or lighting controller.

Skywriter HPX Tour Series (5W, 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W): compatible with our Mercury laser control system:
Our most powerful Skywriter models are also our most rugged, so the HPX Tour series smoothly handles the rigors of the road, and also make for spectacular permanently installed lighting fixtures. The HPX Tour boasts up to 30W of raw, full RGB laser power, so it can easily produce bright and attention-grabbing effects in even the largest venues, indoors or out. Combining that much power with its precision 30K graphics scanners, the HPX Tour series can also produce enormous image projections up to 300 feet away at sizes up to 100 feet tall (via an 8 degree scan angle). You can produce the exact effect you want thanks to DMX and ILDA control, and its advanced color mixing technology gets you the exact colors needed for your setting. Efficient, robust and compact, the HPX Tour series can elevate your lighting rigs and elevate your business.

X-Laser’s Mercury laser control system

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Custom-built, audience scanning-capable, expert-grade laser systems:

Defiant Series: The all new Defiant Series is packed with the highest quality components and has been developed with hundreds of smart engineering decisions, all to help unlock your creative freedom. Custom Defiant units are built to your exact specifications, with power levels ranging from 1.5W all the way to 22W of guaranteed optical power. Defiant models are upgradeable to Polaris: our safe, legal, audience scanning system. You can also spec Defiant lasers with options such as galvanometer scanners rated up to 60K PPS, IP65-rated housings and more.  Featuring the all-new ‘GraphiX ‘ Scanning System, developed in partnership with Pangolin Laser Systems, Defiant projectors utilize premium Pangolin 506 scanners and custom-designed electronics. The high-quality optics in the Defiant models maximize emissions for brighter yet safer laser shows. These units are built by hand to be guaranteed tour tough and are currently on the road touring with some of the biggest acts across the globe. Defiant lasers are ideal for heavy road use, fixed installations (like at Echostage in Washington, D.C.) and more.

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