The Office – Movin’ On Up

The past few years have been great to X-Laser. Business has been steady, and we’ve enjoyed the progress we’ve made. Yet, just like any business, with growth comes changes. Come June 1st, we are making the biggest change yet: X-Laser is going to be moving it’s entire operation to a new facility.

Currently, our Main Street USA offices are waist high with laser technology and new orders. It’s been a great run here at the shop, but when everyone is sharing their offices with piles of parts, more space begins to become essential.

We’ll be keeping our roots here in Laurel, MD. In fact, our new location will only be about a mile or two down the road. The new office will have a large warehouse space with high ceilings, allowing plenty of room for testing, R&D, storage, and production. Along with the space, we will be building out all new offices as well as a dynamic new conference room. This conference room will provide plenty of space for meetings, and be able to host training sessions for our dealers and reps all over the country. If you come to visit, you might even find a basketball hoop or ping pong table somewhere inside there.

While we may be leaving our Main Street office behind, we will continue to take the values of working on Main Street with us. We will still be the same company that provides the extra customer service that is needed to build strong, long lasting relationships. We’ll still do business by standing by our word and a handshake, and we’ll still continue to produce the same great product you’ve come to enjoy and rely on. We look forward to the move and the continued growth to come.

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