The Utah Jazz Chooses X-Laser

When the lights go out in the Energy Solutions Arena, home of Utah’s NBA team the Utah Jazz, the crowd expects something spectacular. The home opener for the Jazz has become a show as much as it is an event, where the starting lineup gets introduced, the crowd gets psyched up, and the new season launches. Each year, the Jazz set up a display featuring spectacular indoor fireworks, intelligent lighting, and a floor show. This year, the Jazz wanted something even more special. Through their partnership with Oasis Stage Werks, which provides the Jazz with equipment and consulting services, the team decided to bring in a a laser show.

So on Friday night, December 30th, the lights went out as usual, and the crowd awaited something spectacular. The dubstep music dropped and the fireworks lit up the crowded arena amidst many cheers. A video montage appeared of the Jazz’s highlights from last year, and as the announcer’s voice began to announce the starting lineups, laser lightning bolts struck out across the hardwood. Unlike years past where the names of the players were just displayed on the jumbotron, this year each player’s name was animated and scrolled across the court in bright white letters projected from an X-Laser Dimension 3D mounted high above the crowd.

The results were nothing short of stunning in this most unique use of high powered X-Lasers. Each letter projected onto the court was over six feet tall for maximum visibility in an arena sized environment; and to add variety, each introduction was given a different animated text effect.

X-Laser would like to thank the Jazz and our good friends at Oasis Stage Werks for making this smashing idea come to life!

Have you seen an awesome X-Laser show lately? Tell us about it!

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