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X-Laser User Information Resources

Hello and thanks for visiting the download page for our user information guides and videos!

You can click the links below to download your user information pack, including product manuals and educational videos. If your internet connection doesn’t support large files, email or call 866-702-7768, and we’ll mail you a DVD with all of the content.

Thank you and enjoy your laser!

For the complete user information pack including manuals, training videos, compliance documents and more, CLICK HERE.

Product Manuals

For product manuals for current XA Series projectors (Mobile Beat MAX MK2, Hawk 500, X-Beam), CLICK HERE.

For the product manual for the Mobile Beat Mirage, CLICK HERE.

For product manuals for current Aurora Series projectors (Caliente Aurora, Aurora 4C, Aurora Crimson/Cobalt/Emerald), CLICK HERE.

For the product manual for the PSX-400 RGB, CLICK HERE.

For product manuals for current Skywriter Series projectors, CLICK HERE.

Training video playlist

For our training video playlist on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

FDA compliance/legal documentation

For FDA compliance documents, guidelines and annual report information, CLICK HERE.

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