X-Laser Goes to Mobile Beat Las Vegas

While you are at home recovering from Super Bowl Sunday, we are hitting the road once again to be part of the first DJ show of the year, Mobile Beat Las Vegas! This year will mark X-Laser’s fifth year at Mobile Beat. We are proud to again be supporting the country’s only show that caters specifically to the mobile market.


We liked being a part of Mobile Beat so much that a few years back we even named a line of lasers after it. This year we will be showcasing the 2012 versions, including a FULL COLOR Mobile Beat RGB, alongside longtime exhibitor NLFX. The all new display will also feature X-Pods, a new 2012 Skywriter, and some classic favorites. We will also have laser control stations where you can get your hands on working with the industry leading laser control software from Pangolin.


X-Laser President Dan Goldsmith will be back again this year to give an all new seminar as part of the NLFX Pro Academy series entitled “High Powered Lasers For DJ’s: Technology, Safety, & The Law.” With a heavier emphasis on making maximum ROI from laser shows, Dan’s seminar will demonstrate how to not only sell high-powered lasers to customers, but also how to create special effects, and of course safely incorporating lasers into your existing light shows. The seminar is bright and early at 8:00AM in the morning… we’re sorry. However, if you are able to make it (and we hope that you do!) hang around after and pick Dan’s brain about anything you want right up until the show floor opens!


The Mobile Beat trade show and conference will be held in Las Vegas, NV, at the Riviera Hotel. Feature presentations include key figures from all over the industry, as well as a good selection of entertainment for the evenings. We hope to see you there!

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