X-Laser Unveils Four New X-Series Lasers

Just in time for DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ, X-Laser today lifted the veil on four new long anticipated products in the X-Series line of high powered aerial laser systems. While numerous other product lines were updated last year, the X-Series had not seen a major update since 2010 and so X-Laser felt that it was time to renew our commitment to the mobile entertainment and club industry.

First up in the new lineup is the all new X4G, a quad aperture aerial laser similar to the very popular X4RG and X4C. With a super efficient new optical design and four apertures of punchy green laser, the X4G is over 300% brighter than the X4RG and has the power to punch through most any other lighting. Of course the X4G is built with X-Laser’s Cold Beam Technology to make your light show as safe, and spectacular as possible.


The next two units are new models in the Caliente line of affordable aerial laser systems. The Caliente 300 features a new stylish housing, loads of internal improvements, and two times the power of the original Caliente! The new Caliente RGB takes the Caliente platform to a whole new level with beautiful full color effects and stunning DMX color macros to again redefine what is possible from low cost, high powered laser systems. You will need to see this one in at least a banquet hall sized room to really see its capabilities!

Caliente 300

Caliente RGB

Last but certainly not least is the most powerful new laser we have ever introduced into the X-Series: The Sapphire X2. Available in two models boasting up to 1000mW of deep sapphire blue lasers, the Sapphire X2 500 and Sapphire X2 1000 will set a new standard in the blue laser craze. Long thought to be impossible, X-Laser’s new solid state blue lasers are both richly colored and highly powerful carrying their effects over very long distances. The Sapphire X2 is too powerful to be used in small spaces and as always, professional operation is required.

Sapphire X2

Be sure to check out our new X-Series lasers next week at DJ Expo where we are being hosted by IDJNOW, who will have some great show specials and of course the X-Laser staff on hand to answer your questions and do live demonstrations! X-Laser dealers will have pricing information on all of the new models very early next week so if you can’t make it to the show, contact your favorite X-Laser dealer or IDJNOW as initial quantities will be very limited.

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