X-POD system installation @ Next Club, Suriname

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The creative minds over at Streamline Systems have put together a fantastic lighting & sound installation for Next Club in beautiful Suriname! They used a combination of X-Lasers and ROBE light fixtures to create stunning lighting effects atop the main dancefllor space, and really got creative with the way they installed the X-PODs for the venue.

Using the X-POD in very tight spaces within the truss, Streamline was able to discretely create a static “laser net” across the entire dancefloor, giving the lighting that added dramatic effect requested by the club designers. This effect was achieved quickly, easily, and cost effecttively with the X-POD system, and can effortlessly be reconfigured to give the effect a completely different angle and perspective.

Just one of the unique ways you can apply this creative, bright, cost effective lighting solution to any design specification or installation. Thanks to Streamline Systems for sharing the images!


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